Pskov State University general management is implemented by the PskovSU Academic Council, which is elected for a five year term.

  1. Demyanenko Yury, Chairman of the Academic Council, Rector
  2. Andreyev Vladimir, Vice-Chairman of the Academic Council, First Vice-Rector
  3. Yurchuk Lyubov, Academic Secretary, Professor, Literature Chair
  4. Verteshev Sergey, the President
  5. Ivanova Natalia, Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Work
  6. Istomin Anatoly, Vice-Rector for Research
  7. Makhotaeva Marina, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and External Relations
  8. Mikushev Vladimir, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Strategic Development
  9. Moiseev Vladimir, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Maintenance Work
  10. Emelyanova Vera, Vice-Governor of the Pskov region
  11. Alekseeva Svetlana, Library Director PskovSU
  12. Andreyanova Inna, Director of Lifelong Learning Institute
  13. Balyukova Inna, Associate Professor of Psychology Chair
  14. Barinov Yury, Head of Economics and Enterprise Management Chair
  15. Bolshakova Natalia, Head of  Regional Philological Research Laboratory
  16. Vasiliev Sergey, Law Faculty Dean
  17. Vitkovskaya Irina, Educational Technologies and Design Faculty Dean
  18. Voronkov Sergey, Chairman of Trade Union Organization PskovSU
  19. Golyshev Alexander, Head of Culture Studies Chair
  20. Grinyov Dmitry, Associate Professor of Design and Material Processing Technology Chair
  21. Dagaeva Irina, Management Faculty Dean
  22. Dmitriev Sergey, Head of Mechanical Engineering Chair
  23. Druzhinina Rimma, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages for Non-Linguistic Faculties
  24. Egorova Svetlana, Head of Accounting and Auditing Chair
  25. Enaev Alexander, Head of Motor Vehicles and Automotive Services Chair
  26. Ivanova Svetlana, Head of Psychology Chair
  27. Istomina Nina, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Geographical
  28. Kakurin Alexander, Dean of the Faculty of Electromechanical
  29. Kalinina Svetlana, Head. Department of Pedagogy
  30. Katchenkov Sergey, Director of PskovSU Branch in Velikiye Luki
  31. Kozlova Alena, the President of the Student Trade Union Committee
  32. Korolkov Oleg, Associate Professor
  33. Kostechuk Alena, Graduate Student Department of Pedagogy
  34. Kuzhanova Natalya, Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  35. Lekhin Sergei, Dean Faculty of Informatics
  36. Markevich Anatoly Ivanovich, Head of Department of Electricity
  37. Maslowa Galina, Dean of Russian Philology and Foreign Languages Faculty
  38. Matsevich Svetlana, Head Department of Foreign Languages for Non-Linguistic Faculties Chair
  39. Medvedeva Irina, Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  40. Melkov Boris, Head of Industrial and Civil Construction Chair
  41. Motaylenko Lilia, Professor of Information Systems and Technology
  42. Moteyunayte Ilona, Professor, Literature Chair
  43. Nikitina Natalia, Dean of the Faculty of History
  44. Nikolayev Mikhail, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics
  45. Odnobokov Vyacheslav, Director of PskovSU College
  46. Ostashev Valery, Professor
  47. Parfenova Nadezhda, Head of Department of General and Social Psychology
  48. Plokhov Igor, Head of Drive and Automation Systems Chair
  49. Potorcha Yulia, Deputy Director of PskovSU College
  50. Prokofiev Vladimir, Head of Zoology and Animal Ecology Chair
  51. Razumovskaya Aida, Dean of the Faculty of Philology
  52. Safronov Pavel, Associate Professor, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  53. Slinchak Alexander, Head of Geography Chair
  54. Solovyov Vladimir, Head of Physics Chair
  55. Solovieva Tatyana, Head of Theory and Methods of Natural Science and Mathematics Education Chair
  56. Strikunov Alexander, Head of Organization's Management Chair
  57. Tikhonov Sergey, Head of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics Chair
  58. Filimonov Anatoly, Head of Russian History Chair
  59. Khvatsev Alexander, Head of Higher Mathematics Chair
  60. Khrapchenkova Irina, Head of German and French Languages Chair 
  61. Shevelkov Valeriy, Associate Professor


  1. Artyunina Galina, MD, professor
  2. Barinov Youri, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  3. Vasiliev Sergey , Doctor of Law, Professor
  4. Verteshev Sergey, Ph.D., professor of
  5. Vershinina Natalia L., Ph.D., Professor
  6. Golyshev Alexander, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor
  7. Dihtievsky Petro, Doctor of Law, Professor
  8. Egorova Svetlana, PhD, Professor
  9. Enaev Alexander ., Ph.D., Professor
  10. Zhuravlev Yuri , Ph.D., Professor
  11. Ivanova Svetlana , Doctor of Psychology, Professor
  12. Ivasyshin Henry S., Ph.D., Professor
  13. Ignatkova Svetlana, MD, professor
  14. Cossack Bronislaw Bronislavovich, Doctor of Law, Professor
  15. Kapitanova Lyudmila, Ph.D., Professor
  16. Katchenkov Sergey, Ph.D., professor of
  17. Kostyuchuk Larisa Y., Ph.D., Professor
  18. Leschikov Valery N., Ph.D., Professor
  19. Luzina Lyudmila, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
  20. Nikitina Tatyana , PhD, Professor
  21. Nikolayev Mikhail , doctor of economic sciences, professor
  22. Ostashev Valery, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
  23. Rybakov Nikolai , Ph.D., Professor
  24. Solnyshkin Nikolai, Ph.D., professor of
  25. Solovyov Vladimir Gaevich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
  26. Solovyova Tatiana, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
  27. Sorokun Procopius Afanasevich, Doctor of Psychology, Professor
  28. Shamsunov Salih Habibovich, Doctor of Law, Professor