Theory and methodology of teaching non-native languages:
Russian as a foreign language

The Master's program in Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) is built on traditional and innovative forms of education.

The program’s graduates acquire the skills , through teaching practice in groups of foreign students in Pskov State University and multi-ethnic classes in Pskov schools,

they participate in projects held by Experimental Laboratory of Educational Lexicography, receive grants from leading Russian scientific foundations, get published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

All this adds to the graduates’ ability to compete on the job market and allows them to successfully work with RFL students in universities and schools whether in Russia or other countries

(Germany, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). The research part of the program provides the basis for further admission and successful postgraduate studies.

Modern technologies in power supply

Electric energy is used in all spheres of society. It is the basis for a technological breakthrough in all sectors of the economy.

for the implementation of national projects: in the transition to the digital economy, in particular on the digitalization of the electric power industry.

Graduates of this program have the competencies to carry out scientific research and to solve practical problems in the field of electrical engineering and electric power.

The program is one of the priority areas of economic development.


Tuition fee per year: 151 500 RUB

E-learning and digital platforms

Graduates of the program are ready to implement digital solutions in education, and business, as well as to fulfill their own projects.

Training is built on a modular basis using distance technology, which contributes to the student's ability to follow their individual path.

The knowledge gained can be used to plan, manage , and run the educational process with the help of digital platforms, as well as to design training sessions in the classroom.

The program forms a set of competencies and promotes to building a personal brand of the graduate to ensure a high level of value in the labor market.

Tuition fee per year: 147 600 RUB
International Business

The Master's program in International Business will train you to become a skilled economist, and work in Russian and international companies in various business fields.

The aim of the program is to prepare its graduates for the future career in the chosen field, develop their analytical and research expertise, enhance their leadership skills,

and apply innovative methods and up-to-date knowledge in the development and implementation of business management strategies in the context of high competition

and rapidly changing environment.

Intercultural communication in international project activities

Within the framework of this export-oriented program, implemented in English, training of specialists, proficient in linguistic,

economic and sociological foundations of international project activities.

Tuition fee per year: 115 200 RUB