On December 3, 2015, a welcome  reception by Rector of Pskov State University took place for the university specialized classes of Pskov schools.

"University classes project is relevant both for our schools and the university," - said rector Yuriy Demyanenko.

The rector expressed his gratitude to university professors and deans, school directors and teachers for their successful work in university classes.
Today more than 260 pupils from seven schools in the city of Pskov and one school in the city of Velikiye Luki study in the university specialized classes. Pskov State University is open to them: libraries and laboratories, sports clubs and creative teams are at their disposal.

Special words of gratitude were addressed to the parents of school students as parents support is very important on the way of personality development.
The university specialized classes allow the university to get the best students and the first-class professionals for the economic development of the Pskov region later on.

We are confident that active, talented and literate young people will join the ranks of Pskov State University students very soon!