Address: Pskov, Tolstoy St., 4, Sport Arena, Department of Physical Education.

Phone: +7(8112)79-77-11.

Sports infrastructure of PskovSU includes 9 gyms (6 playrooms and 3 workout rooms), an open-air stadium, 3 skiing lodges, a shooting gallery, and a swimming pool with a gym.

The total area of the gyms is 2396 sq.m. The area of the open-air stadium is 2100 sq.m. The area of the swimming pool water surface is 275 sq.m., the length of the tracks is 25 m.

These sports facilities are used to hold training sessions for the students of the University. Classes are held under the supervision of 25 instructors on the staff of the Department of Physical Education. The number of students involved is more than 5 thousand people.

There are 20 different sports clubs in PskovSU: volleyball (men and women), basketball (men and women), athletics, indoor soccer (women), table tennis, shooting, swimming, aerobics and fitness aerobics, orienteering, athletic gymnastics, unarmed self-defense, and shooting archery. More than 600 people are involved in these clubs. Training is supervised by experienced coaches from among full-time employees, as coaches on a contractual basis.