Dear teachers, staff, students and graduate students of Pskov State University!

I congratulate you on the remarkable holiday, the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture!

This holiday reminds us of the inseparable connection of the native language with our cultural heritage, with our history. On this day, we remember with gratitude the ascetic monks Cyril and Methodius, who presented the world with a unique source of wisdom - the Slavic alphabet, which united the Slavs 'with the letter and the word'.

The day of Slavic writing and culture symbolizes the inseparability of the historical, spiritual, and cultural ties of the Slavs, reminds us of the significance of the written word, draws us to the origins of the national cultures of the Slavic peoples, emphasizes the organic unity and, at the same time, the diversity of their traditions.

It is a holiday of Christian enlightenment.

Let the word, deed and thought be one!

Rector of PskovSU

Yury Demyanenko