On March 15, 2018, seminar 'Consolidation of Efforts to Develop the Export Potential of the Russian Education System' was launched in the assembly hall of the main building of Pskov State University within the framework of the priority project 'Development of the export potential of the Russian education system', which began its work in May 2017 on the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation.
The seminar discusses the export potential of Russian educational services, integration strategies for promoting universities in foreign markets, and others.

The seminar was opened by the rector of Pskov State University Yury Demyanenko.

Deputy governor of the Pskov region Alexander Kuznetsov addressed the audience.

The plenary session of the seminar was opened by the head of the project office of the priority project "Export of Russian Education" Shivleta Tagirova. In her report, she cited the President's Address to the Federal Assembly: "We must also significantly increase the export of quality educational services, create conditions for obtaining education in Russian universities for foreign citizens and our compatriots, primarily from the CIS countries. This is a very serious tool for strengthening the cultural, intellectual influence of Russia in the world ".

She noted that PskovU as a supporting university in the region makes a significant contribution to the development of the export potential of the Russian education system.