Pskov region is a region soaked in history. The foundation of Russian statehood was laid on this land. Here the Teutonic Knights were defeated, here Peter the Great built his ramparts, here, at the railway station, Nicholas II abdicated the throne and finished the history of the Russian Empire, and here the legendary Red Army was born.

Pskov region is located in the Western part of European Russia. It borders with the Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver and Smolensk regions, and Belarus, as well as with the EU countries - Estonia and Latvia. There are more than 600 rivers and 3700 lakes, including the largest lake in Europe – Lake Pskovsko-Chudskoye. It is considered one of the most ecologically clean regions.

The city of Pskov was founded in 903. Pskov citizens honour their traditions, and they are ready to share them with tourists and guests. There are lots of ancient places of interest in the city, such as Trinity cathedral, Pskov fortress, Mirozhsky monastery, Pogankiny chambers, and a great number of ancient churches, which are on the list of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that Pskov is more that thousand years old, it constantly keeps developing. The city provides conditions for cultural, social and educational development of young people, as well as a variety of leisure activities. There are 2 cinemas, a theatre, libraries, sport facilities, dance studios, art and music schools, hotels, restaurants and clubs.

Pskov has a number of sister-cities, with which it has been cooperating for a long time. This list includes the cities of Arles (France) – the history of the partnership counts 30 years, Kuopio (Finland) - 40 years, Mianyang (China), Nijmegen (Netherlands) - about 20 years, Neuss and Hera (Germany ) Norrtälje (Sweden) - more than 10 years, Perth (Scotland), Roanoke (Virginia, USA), Boston (Massachusetts, USA), Valmiera (Republic of Latvia), Tartu (Republic of Estonia), Bialystok (Poland), Vitebsk (Belarus), and Chernigov (Ukraine).

To crown all, Pskov is the centre of science and education of the region. In 2011 PskovStateUniversity was founded. As Doctor of Economic Sciences Lev Lyubimov once said, “A region which has a future is a region which has an airport and a university”. Judging by the tendency to aim high levels and establish new partnerships, Pskov region is bound to prosper and play a great role in the future of the country.